4 Things You Should Know About Blogging for Website Traffic

Does your (online) business have a blog?

Many businesses are reluctant to start a blog. Either because they don’t fully understand the benefits of blogging or because they are afraid it’s too much work or something they can’t do well enough.

And yes, blogging can be a lot of work, and making a blog work for your business can be challenging but when done right the extra traffic blogging generates to your company’s website will make it worth it.

This article discusses four things you should know about using a blog for your business.


If there’s one section of a website that small businesses are uncomfortable with it’s often the blog. You may not have time to blog or it may be a totally foreign concept, “What the heck do I write about?” In this article we explain why blogging drives traffic to your website and makes it easier for potential customers or clients to find you.


If you aren’t blogging, or regularly producing content for your website, you are losing the opportunity to improve your ranking with search engines and hence your online visibility…

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