Busting 5 Major Online Marketing Myths

Online Marketing is not only crucial for almost every business these days, it can also be quite complex.

From how to design and optimize your website to how to track your leads or what content to create for which platform… it’s all part of your company’s online marketing strategy.

For this article an online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) expert is interviewed, shares his knowledge and discusses some major online marketing myths.


By becoming aware of – and avoiding – the most common online marketing myths to which so many seasoned and newbie marketers fall prey, you can save yourself a great deal of wasted time, energy, and money, and get your online marketing up to speed quickly.


Here’s John’s take on the 5 most common online marketing myths that you can’t afford to believe in an increasingly competitive online world.


1. I can do one tactic or the other without a strategy

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