10 Surprising Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Several new features have popped up on Instagram since the start of 2018. Social media agencies and influencers are experimenting with these new features and are delivering enormous results for their clients.

If you operate a small business or a personal Instagram account trying to promote your work on your own is hard.

Moreover, trying to gain new Instagram followers may be even harder.

We have gathered 10 ways to get more Instagram followers. These tips will help you to start growing your business and to get the followers you deserve.

1. Buy Active Instagram Followers and Views

This is first on the list because it is the quickest and easiest way to gain more followers and views in a few hours.

More businesses have incorporated this as part of their marketing strategy because they realize that waiting for followers to find them may take forever, especially when just starting out.

It will also be difficult to get sales without having a good presence on Instagram these days. Purchasing real Instagram followers increases the reach of your account.

You can purchase a decent package with Instagram followers online to suit your budget. These packages contain real followers that will comment, like, and get engaged with your posts.

2. Be the Last to Comment on Posts

This is a strategic move, and there is a high chance that you will find your account growing with this strategy.

Commenting last on a post means that anyone else who visits that post in the future will see your comment. If you left an interesting comment, then most likely they will click your account to view your profile.

So, don’t leave generic comments like “beautiful” or “nice pic.” Instead, leave a valuable comment that shows off your personality, appeals to the emotion and will inspire others to take action.

3. Get Featured on the Instagram Explore Page

How to do this?

Create powerful engaging and targeted content! If your stories are good and they target a specific audience, chances are, Instagram will add your account to the top of their Explore tab.

Can you imagine what this will do to your account apart from getting more likes?

  •        It will build brand awareness
  •        Acquire new customers
  •        Sell more of your products or services

The Explore page is really a great Instagram feature and everyone who wants their business to grow or to gain more followers should try to get on it.

4. Cross Post on Different Platforms

Many of your users and potential clients are on other social media platforms. Share your Instagram content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and all other social media platforms to get extra exposure. Your fans will also know that you are on Instagram and start to follow you.

Not only that, Buzzsumo did a study and found out that images that are posted from Instagram to Facebook receive more engagement. All the more for you to start cross-posting to get more followers.

If you have a blog, embed your Instagram posts into your blog also.

5. Surprise your Instagram Followers

Instagram contests are great for increasing your reach on Instagram and for gaining new followers. Host an Instagram contest and surprise your followers with free gifts.

Invite your friends to comment and tag their friends to enter the contest. If their friends like your profile, they too might choose to become followers.

6. Develop Your own Hashtags

Brands like Coco-Cola, Apple, and most brands with big accounts all developed their own hashtags that are used only by them.

Developing your own hashtags is a unique way to build your own “community of people around a specific topic.” It also makes your account look professional and will increase peoples’ interest in your movement and they will start following you.

7. Know your Competitors

Make a list of your competitors and watch what they are doing. Watch how they are interacting with their followers. Copy their techniques but make yours better.

Most importantly, friend your competitors, comment, like their posts and mention them in your posts caption. This will make their followers check out your profile to see what you are about and if they like what they see, then you will gain new followers.

8. Invite Instagram Ambassadors to Share Your Brand

Look for influential Instagram ambassadors and ask them to share your brand with their followers.

You can also create your own team of ambassadors and encourage them to tell people about your brand. Ask them to post photos and comment. This way you will reach more users and increase your chance of gaining new followers.

9. Be Yourself

Don’t try to imitate brands that are bigger than you. Getting inspiration from them is ok but be yourself. Create your own unique theme and images. Stick to a certain color palette and style of photo. If you use quotes, try to make your own.

People are attracted to fresh and new ideas, so be different with your style and approach.

10. Get Featured

If you think you have something of value to offer in your niche contact an (online) newspaper or journalist to get featured.

Your story might help someone else so don’t be afraid to reach out to these publications. You can contact blogs, influential users of Instagram and other social media users, and pitch your idea to them.

You can never tell, your story might just be the one to make your account explode with new Instagram followers.

Final Thoughts on Getting More Instagram Followers

Whether your purpose for having an Instagram account is business or pleasure you still need followers. So, if you are stuck with just a few followers the tips mentioned above will help you to increase your count. Try them and let us know!


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