Guide to Advanced On-Page Topic Targeting for SEO

So by now we know content marketing is important (and if you didn’t know you might want to read some of my previously posted content marketing articles).

But how do you create good content? Content that search engines will place high up in their search results and content that potential customers like to read?

This in-depth article explains a lot about how to use keywords, links and other on-page optimization tricks.


Several SEOs have written about topic modeling and advanced on-page optimization.

The concepts themselves are dizzying: LDA, co-occurrence, and entity salience, to name only a few. The question is “How can I easily incorporate these techniques into my content for higher rankings?”

In fact, you can create optimized pages without understanding complex algorithms. Sites like Wikipedia, IMDB, and Amazon create highly optimized, topic-focused pages almost by default. Utilizing these best practices works exactly the same when you’re creating your own content…

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