Stats that Make a Bulletproof Case for Business Blogging

Blogging, something done by 19 year old girls who are obsessed with fashion and beauty or guys in their 20’s traveling the world because they are not willing to settle down and start their careers… NO, blogging has long passed that stage (and has proven very effective for many of those fashion obsessed girls and world travelers by the way).

Blogging is seen as one of the better and more cost effective ways to promote your (online) business these days. Adding a blog or news page to your website is something every business should consider.

Not convinced yet? Then check out these statistics:


Almost a year ago, I made the business case for blogging largely based on my own experiences. I explained how my business started to take off when I got serious about my blog. Blogging helps people find me on Google, produces solid business leads, expands my network, speeds up the sales process, builds trust and establishes me as an expert in my field.

My blog also helped me land my biggest client.

But, certain business decisions must be made based on hard data. So for those of you who need the numbers, here are some eye-opening statistics that make a bulletproof case for business blogging…

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