Why is content quality important? Because Google says so!

Yes it’s true, Google rules

Most marketers have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with Google because of its power on the internet, being the most important search engine, but let’s be honest, we all know it: we want to please Google because if Google likes what we are doing Google will send customers our way…

So how do we create a content marketing strategy that makes Google like our website?

This article shows some interesting statistics about the power of Google and tips on how to create high-quality content that Google likes.


How Google Judges Quality and What You Should Do About It

Much of today’s content has quality, but the quality is misguided or poorly aligned in a changing content marketing environment.

Google is the world’s primary search engine.

There’s no one bigger than Google when it comes to search. Despite the household-name status of companies like AOL, Yahoo, and Bing, Google is still the dominant search engine…

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